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I'm just an old broken down player who started  in 1988. My wife thought I needed something to occupy my weekends off. Paintball is all her fault. She's the one who got me started in the sport and she was the one who forced me out to the field most weekends.On occasions she was my playing partner.

I love this sport, tried to get out many times and just can't leave. Maybe it's the rush of adrenaline or just knowing I have something to tinker with in my basement.

I've been really lucky to be playing as long as I have (23 yrs). I don't believe in hype and I don't believe in over priced markers. I believe in making my own home brewed markers from parts available on the open net. One thing I can't stand is a stupid person who believes what some guy who can't even fix a Spyder tells him is right and wrong for his marker.

I just believe in having fun and playing paintball as it should be played,with a "Careless if I win attitude and being stress free". Theres no fun in stress. The game is designed to relieve stress.

Lately I have started playing Big Games and Scenario games. It a relief to see the sport go back into the woods and out of the arena. Woods to me are more of a challange. You never know what's behind the next tree or bush. Always an element of surprise.

The best part of paintball is that I have moved a little ahead. I'm making alot of my own stuff,such as Bandanas,Paint grenades and sometimes playing cloths. However I find that a good set of Military cut BDU pants work excellent. The team has it's own logo and our own team jersey. We have a big sponsor banner. What more do we really need.