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Team Black Rain updates.

 30 Dec 2010

The yr is coming to an end and looking back I can say this has been the best yr of paintball I have ever had. Played in Japan, Cali, Virginia and back home. Each place had something different to offer. Met alot of people Iam proud to say I know.

We picked up several new sponsors and we are proud to say that they took a big chance on a one man team. We hope to bring you many business dollars in the 2011 season. We just want to say Thank You Very Much. We still have a few slots open if anyone is interested in helping out. I doubt it,cause I know no one comes to this page lol. However it's a place to put updates and my Ramblings and ideas.

We are doing a gear lay out this week. We need to repair and inventory them repack. We are also looking at buying a NEW gun for this season. The SP1 is what we are favoring for the 2011 season. It's simple,liteweight, and affordable. It fits the team profile,which is more thru less lol. I'm a real budget guy. If you want to play,you have to scrimp and scrape where you can.

The team is also looking lnto getting a business Lic. We think this is a good move.

This yr we will beusing the WTFPB Hoplite vest. They make quality tactical gear that is custom taylored to fit my needs.

So look for us in 2011.


19 Dec 2010

Well the shoulder is healed and I finally got to play last weekend. I was tired,but I finished the game. I've been hurting all week in my knees. However the pain has stopped and I'm ready to play again. Our 2010 season has ended at our local game Elves vs Grinches.

We are now preparing for the 2011 season to begin. We have a few big games planned thru out the yr. Hopefully we can make them. 

23 Oct 2010

So the season is turning out to be a great one. Today we picked up another sponsor. First Class Paintball. They are local to me which is perfect. It took us all of 3 mins to talk about sponsorship and seal the deal. So look for more news as we make our travels.

4 Oct 2010

So we are getting ready for our 2011 season. Just not sure where it will open up at. It could be California,Japan,or even Washington. Only time will tell. We are getting real excited. Hopefully the pit crew will be there to help start the team off to another great yr. Just depends where we are in the world at the time.21 Sept. 2010

So it's about time I revamp my whole page. This is where you can find all our latest up dates on travel. As of now Team Black Rain is in Norfolk,Virginia. My hope is to play as many fields and attend events. Hopefully my work schedual will alow this.

We have picked up several sponsors this yr. Some provide products and others provide web space. As time goes on I'll add their links while I go thru revamping. It will take atleast a week.