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Thanks for visiting. Well I have been up at this same location for almost 15 yrs. Can't believe it's been that long. Nothing like realizing that I'm 15yrs old now. This was my first and only web page that I have ever made. So it still remains. Lots of changes over the yrs.

Even the title has finally changed. What hasn't changed, is that the game of paintball is still part of my life and is still fun. At age 48 I still feel like I did 23 yrs ago. However, age and old injuries have caught up and I can't move like I'm 25 yrs old. I guess "Father Time" catches up to all of us.

Regardless of all that,the 2010 season has been one of the best I ever had. I was able to pick up a few great sponsors. We are now preping for the 2011 season. Hopefully it will be even better.

Welcome to Team Blackrain's page.

A little over view of us. Iam a one man team.  My Wife is the team Pit Crew and team banker. We have been a paintball team for about 23 yrs. She backs me on all events and runs everything with an Iron Fist on game days.

I started playing paintball in 88". Just me and my Nelspot 007. Being military at the time and now having a job that I'm always traveling with,makes it hard to join teams. So around 1990 we made the decision to just remain a solo team.

I was on two teams when I first started, but those broke up very fast. To much bitching and crying amongst team mates. This being another reason to remain a solo act.

Some of you have been here before and have seen the projects I have done over the yrs. You'll now notice they are missing.

Welcome to our sponsors

Besides these 9 sponsors below, Team Black Rain is also self sponsored with paint grenades, bandanas and various item that we make on our own.

Team Black Rain would like to thank the following places for sponsoring us during the:

2009-2010 season

and the:

2010-2011 season

I will post their links on the "Sponsors Page" so that all can visit them.

Celanis Paintball

Whiskey Two Four

Mcarter Brown

Oregon Hydrographics

B&M Chainmaille and Jewelry

Fog Doc

Oring Monkey

FoxxyFluff Paintball

First Class Paintball